what do we do?

At OG Central – Cannabis Dispensary, we sell different types of marijuana products and help the customer who visits the store. Our one-stop-shop will give you the most selection and best prices on marijuana. It is a great place for first-time marijuana users. We have different deals each day for first-time patients, including a free sample. You can also enjoy our everyday specials.

We have knowledgeable and courteous staff to help customers find the products they are looking for. We are happy to answer any questions you might have. At our store, we provide a clean atmosphere and unhurried service, which makes it a safe and educational environment for new marijuana users. 

OG Central is not your average dispensary. We are committed to providing you with an exceptional experience and want you to be satisfied with your cannabis purchase. Moreover, we strive to make sure you get what you want.

Our dispensary is a popular destination for medical cannabis patients. We offer quality products made by respected growers and extract artists. We also provide delivery services to people who need them. Customers can enjoy daily, monthly, and weekly deals. 

The prices at our store are low, and we have several daily and monthly deals. Despite the location of our dispensary, OG Central offers great value to its customers. We believe in selling marijuana at reasonable prices so that community members can easily afford it. 

When it comes to the experience, we offer a comfortable, friendly, and enjoyable shopping experience. We not only sell cannabis but provide education to people who are new to the community.


Couple with medical marijuana

our cannabis poroducts

OG Central – Cannabis dispensary is the premier store for marijuana in Los Angeles. Located at 6908 S Central Ave, our one-stop-shop offers the widest selection of marijuana products. 

You will get all types of cannabis products at our store. At OG Central, we sell edible cannabis. You will get baked goods and butter for a tasty treat. You will also get cannabis drinks, food, candies, and chocolates. 

The edibles are made from premium quality cannabis flowers and are potent. If you don’t prefer smoking, you can consume edibles for the desired effect.  

Apart from edibles, you will get a wide range of flowers or buds. We offer top-shelf selections on flowers with different strains like indica, sativa, moonrock, and hybrid.

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our purpose:

The purpose of OG Central is to help people cope with their symptoms of chronic pain and epilepsy through medical cannabis. Our staff is knowledgeable and caring and is always happy to answer questions and offer information. 

Our cannabis store is an educational and safe environment, and you can feel confident that you’re in good hands. In addition to a full menu, our dispensary offers medicinal marijuana. 

In addition to recommending cannabis products to people suffering from pain, we also sell edibles. Many people are concerned with the safety and quality of cannabis products. That’s why we sell only lab-tested quality products. Our shop accepts walk-ins, as well as medical patients. 

Our dispensary is a place where you can find the highest quality of cannabis and get the most out of your time. Our business has an intimate knowledge of its product. Both medical and adult users can shop at our location. We offer services like in-person consultations and pre-ordering online. Whether you’re looking for a single product or a full-blown collection, we can help you.