What are the freebies?

Joint, dab and cbd water


What indica are available?

Inventory changes daily but we carry mainly indica on all shelfs 


What are the wax deals?

On house wax we do buy two gram get one more free or buy 3 grams and get two more grams free. On name brand wax we have buy two grams get one more for only $10


What do I get for review?

We provide excellent service, product and deals to our clients and ask for a review only if your 100% satisfied with your experience with us. We do not offer incentive for review 


Do we have a dab bar?

Yes we provide dabs or bong hits for free with any purchase 


Can I get free weed?

Our Monday daily deal is buy a 8th to get another 8th free! Join our vip program on telegram to choose this deal every day 


Do you carry thc chocolate?

We currently only carry shroom chocolate but will be adding to our inventory base on customer request 


Are Wyld gummie available?

Yes we have Wyld gummie at 100mg 


Is air conditioner available?

Yes we keep it cool at all times in the med room for our customers Comfort


Any ounce deals?

Yes we have ounces starting at $99 and our ounce daily deal is every Friday with even more lower prices 


Why so many changes here?

We value our customers feedback and are innovating as much as possible to meet everyone needs and wants 


Why do we need to leave our ids?

We hold on to the id for security purposes and promised to take good care of them while in our possession


Is there a atm here?

Yes we have a atm and we are cash only